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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This evening, Susan and I walked to Giant Eagle to prepare for Snowmageddon, Round II. After discovering that there was no milk* or bread, we took refuge in the fact that there were still movies for rent in the Redbox. While standing in front of the Redbox deciding whether or not to get a movie, this is the exchange that occurred:

Susan: Should we get a movie?
Molly: We don't really have anything to do...
Susan: But I could do school work and go to the gym...
Susan (in a whisper): But right now I'm just scratching my crotch...
longer pause while I laugh a lot...
Susan: I'm still doing it.

We decided not to get a movie.

*There was, however, soymilk. The grocery store trip was not in vain.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

BAM. Posted.

So I finally had my first job interview last week. I took the Amtrak train from New Haven to Baltimore's Penn Station Thursday evening. Plus side: I didn't have to go through check-in and security like I would have had to a the airport. Minus side: the train was delayed an hour and a half much like a plane would have been.

So I finally get to Baltimore and Caley's fiance is at the train station to pick me up because one of the women at Caley's work had been in a car accident (we’ll call her GI Jane) and so she had gone to the hospital to see how she was doing. While merging on to the highway, GI Jane had off the ramp only to be hit in the back of her car by a car speeding in the right hand lane. GI Jane flipped through the air and off the highway while the car that hit her just kept driving. Luckily, GI Jane was unscathed and Caley was waiting for us when we got to their apartment.

The timing of this trip couldn't have gone better. Caley had off from work Friday and Saturday. Also, she had a job interview at 1PM on Friday. My interview was at 11AM. Caley's fiance had work on Friday, so we got to utilize both bathrooms in grooming Friday morning. Unfortunatley while we were getting ready, Caley got a phone call from the woman she was going to interview with telling her that she had to reschedule the meeting. Since I never got a confirmation from the Baltimore Museum of Industry on my interview at 11AM and the woman who was supposed to interview me wasn’t in her office, it seemed like Friday would be a black day for job hunting.

Caley and I hopped in the car with a care-free air and headed into the inner harbor. After arriving at the museum, I quickly learned that no, they had no idea that I’d be coming and yes, they would like to talk to me but there is a group coming through and would it be alright if we talked in between groups? What resulted was my watching the coolest activity ever witnessed in a museum.

Baltimore is known for oysters and it is a museum of industry, right? So for the school groups, the kids get to go through all the different activities that would take place in an oyster factory. Words really cannot describe how cool and fun this looked. It looked like so much fun, I asked the woman interviewing me, Diane, if adult groups ever requested this program. She said yes and that it was slightly awkward to see the grown-ups bending over the counter tops, pasting “cans” together.

After leaving the museum, Caley and I hit up Wegmans and Walmart before heading back to the apartment and crashing on the coach for the rest of the afternoon. We proceeded to stay on the couch throughout the day and into the morning hours. All-in-all it was an awesome weekend. I look forward to doing it again some time.

Friday, September 14, 2007

To keep you all on the edge of your seats
(and so that someone other than Genny posts)...

...coming soon to the Orpwood Blog near you:

The Opening of Games: Highlights of Bicycle Jousting
A must-see video featuring the one and only, King TallE.
Hear his encapsulating opening speech as he honors the bravery of the Knights of Oakland as they prepare to joust for the title.

Also included in this special edition blog post: quality quotes from the evening, shots of the action, and if you're lucky, a quick clip of Bruce doing what he did best.

Time of release to be determined. The ability to successfully upload, along with the cooperation of youtube may or may not hinder the process.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My eldest brother works at the LA zoo, as many of you know. Well, this morning he sent me an email indicating that he and the zoo may have their own youtube video to be shown. After much searching, I found it. Although there is no sound on the computers here in the Woodbridge library, I still silently laughed until I silently cried. I hope it's even better with sound!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dear friends,

Here is a video my thirteen year old cousin showed me. My cousins are wicked fun. I hope that you all enjoy this video as much as I did. Especially you, Susan. And you too, TallE. Also, TallE, thanks for the email; I'll be sure to reply sometime when my cousins aren't looking over my shoulder at everything that I write.

ps- My cousins are really getting into using the word "shenanigans". It is awesome. Ben finds this term very useful.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

So, I just took a quiz to find out my "Personality DNA"

This is what it came up with:

Very high: confidence, openness, extroversion, trust, agency, masculinity, femeninity, spontinaity
Very: functional
Average: imaginitive
Slightly low: empathy, authoritarianism
Low: attention to style

I'm not even going to touch upon how un-slightly low my empathy levels are. I'm like a sponge for other people's emotions. It's actually quite annoying, especially when I'm supposedly slightly high in agency. Isn't that an oxymoron? As for slightly low authoritarianism, you can tell that to any one who've ever been on a team I've captained. In the very high category, couldn't they have just combined the masculinity and femeninity into, say, human?

All and all, I'd say this is wack. I'm an "Animated Inventor"? What does that even mean?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Beware to readers: Do not make Nancy angry. This is what happens.

What do you get when you mix perfect genes? Answer: The perfect hybrid.
Presenting, Musan Mhomas, the perfect hybrid.
With the jumping ability of myself and the speed and endurance of Susan, Musan Mhomas will be at the pinnacle of athleticism.
With the mix of Susan's sense of humor and my, uhhhh, charming wit? Musan Mhomas will be able to take control of any social situation.
With the mix of intelligence and creativity which is shared between Susan and I, Musan Mhomas will be a specimen of the utmost aptitude and astuteness.
Finally, with the blazing good looks that both Susan's and my genes possess, Musan Mhomas will be a spectacle of attractiveness and a size 34C.